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On July 14, 2012 by Andy P

Just a quick post to all staff, customers and stakeholders.

Logistic Planning Services WebsiteI have now, as you can see, started to move the Logistic Planning Services website over to this new look and feel.  It has been quite rightly decided to use WordPress as the platform to host the new way of presenting Logistic Planning Services online.  There will be news and updates, blog and Twitter feeds as well as the Facebook page being developed over the next 10 weeks.

I have been very impressed with the feelings of support with the move to using social media here at Logistic Planning Services.  While Louis may have instigated this, the staff are all keen to see us tell the world how great the company, service and staff are.  Not many hauliers seem to understand the modern need to engage with social media or even how important it is to update the website and use it as a live portal for two way ‘traffic’ (sorry)…

The website went live today (14th July 2012) but still has work to be done and I would welcome any comments and feedback.  I would hope that after reading this you will follow us on Twitter and check out and like our Facebook page, so you get updates from us.  

Perhaps this could be the start of the Twitter revolution for drivers exchanging live delays, complications and #FDRC  information? (Let’s wait and see about that one!)  Some of you may know that I have my HGV so I’m using this to actually go on to the Port Of Felixstowe, do deliveries for the company and fully understand the needs of the website.  I will also look at how I can make things even smoother than they already are here at LPS Felixstowe.   Real time RSS feeds, API’s and alerts are all part of the new online open data sharing understanding, so watch this blog and find out more as it happens!

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