Drivers Facilities

On July 14, 2012 by Louis

Our washroom, toilets and shower facilities have been updated and the work should be finished this weekend.  While we have always had good facilities, I have asked the company you may have seen in the yard this week to make them perfect for all our drivers. Most of our drivers go home when they are back in the yard out of hours, but there is occasion when drivers get wet, dirty or hot in the summer and the shower has a new cubicle, power shower and amenities.

His and hers washing basins at LPSThere have been comments about the two new sinks for washing being “his and hers” and we are still debating here in the office who best suits the happy couple for a blog image about this in a few weeks.

When the facilities are up and running Prockie has offered to pose in the shower for the website, but we seem to have lost the camera at the moment.

If anyone has an feedback about the new facilities or possible improvements, then please see Natasha in the office and we can use this information.

These facilities are locked with access for LPS drivers only.

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